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6:59 PM

As I swear it to you, my new post will be about the Fashion live and Fashion talk event.
Fashion live was born last year (2013). The reason why was, that the offical Fashion week in Bratislava was canceled in the last days before. So some amazing people decided to realize an event on their own. They found some sponzors, fashion designers and models who do it for pleasure and their passion for fashion.
A part of the Fashion live are not just the catwalks, but also showrooms and fashion talks.
This year the event will be on  15. - 17. October, but the first fashion talk was already realized last Thursday.

This talk was about fashion law and there was also a special guest, a designer from, which is a new Czechoslovak streetwear brand. Their motto is Started from the bottom, because they experimented a lot with the materials and cuts while they created the final form, to give their customers the best quality.
You can see and buy the whole collection on

The lecture will continue in September. I´m sure I will be there again, hope to meet you there too.

Some photos to see the atmosphere :)

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