Chiara Totire

9:47 PM

Initially I wanted to inscribe my first post in this category to someone else. To someone that influences my style for a couple of months yet. But today when I randomly found this girl on the internet I was so impressed, that I changed my mind. But now, some information about her.

Chiara Totire is a 28 year old signorina. She come from south Italy and actually live in Milan, working as a stylist and being an fashion icon. Nobody who sees her unconventional outfits would tell, she used to be a pharmacist before. She started her career in Gioai magazine as a stylist assistant. Today she inspires people not only in Milan or Italy, but worldwide. In two words she describes her style as effortlessly chic.

You can watch her other outfits maybe on
or follow her life on

How do you like her style? :)

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