Christmas markets in Budapest

9:19 PM

Finally, the semester at the university is over, so i have some free time till i begin to learn again for the exams. I haven´t got time for buying presents or to go on christmas markets yet.

So yesterday i finally went to Budapest with my bestfriend. We were there from morning till late evening. We were wandering the whole day in shops, looking for some christmas presents to our family and boyfriend and were really stressed out of it :D  I have also bought a cute cap for myself, which is a wonder at my case, because i don´t look good in any cup at all (maybe I will have an outfit post in it soon, but it is really hot outside these days!).

Of course, after shopping we also went to see the christmas markets. Reportedly, this is one of the most beautiful in middle Europe. Honestly, I only was in 3 capital cities on christmas markets yet: in Bratislava, Wien and Budapest; but it was really amazing. During the day, while the sun was shining it wasn´t anything special, but when it got darker and all of the lights and decorations were shining, it was beautiful. The smell of the traditional Trdelnik and other foods such as roasted sausages, completed the atmosphere. Of course, punsch with wine and cinnamon couldn´t miss. The only thing i didn´t like was the big quantity of people, we coulnd´t even move there.
The markets in Budapest annually take place at Vorosmarty square, which is connected with Váci utca. It is thought to be the best shopping street in Budapest (with shops like Zara, Bershka, HM, (you can also find them in every shopping centre anyway), where also the best restaurants are situated. Nevertheless we were very tired at the end of the day, it was a great day, and we were absolutely having a good time.

Which christmas markets are your favourite? Have you already been on them in Budapest?

These few photos are not the best; unfortunately I haven´t got my camera with me, because of it´s weight (i would die, if i had to carry it with me during the whole day:D). Thanks to my friends mobile i have at least these photos. :)

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