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During the last weekend, some fashion and design lovers came together under one roof. It was a design event in Bratislava, named Urban Market. This event, first take place in 2010. What really dissapoints me is that I discovered it only this year, but as the proverb says Better later than never. :)

Even if it is called market, it is miles different from classic markets. Not just the sellers and their sortiment are different, but mainly the atmosphere. You can forget about the annoying, unpleasant sellers, who try to force on  you their shoddy stuff, such as 3 pairs of socks for only 1 euro, etc.
Here at the urban market you can meet a lot of stylish and smiling people. And what can you buy? Everything, from clothes, jewellery and handmade goods, till books. You can also buy some refreshments, like baguettes, coffee, vine or some lovely handmade chocolates.
What I like the best is that all of the brands were slovak, for example We are not sisters, Bratiska, Doroti Doro or Divarush, just to mention some of them. If you are interested at which stands I spent the most time, they were: velolove.sk (which sell the most adorable city and retrobikes in the whole Slovakia :), zoot.cz (I have found there 2 really beautiful winter coats, I just couldn´t get my eyes of them), and in every bookshop (listing each and every book about fashion, drawing and painting, fashion designers, photography and design).

Beyond shopping you can also enjoy some lectures, such as Foodcult or a fashion talk about Bratiska. I´m so in love with events like this, when people with similar interests come together. It´s pity that in Bratislava (and in whole Slovakia) are fashion and design events so infrequent.
I also made some photos for you, which you can see below. :) If you want you can also watch some photos from a professional here : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.755291757895161.1073741842.137482229676120&type=1

A looot of design lovers. At the entrance there was permanently a long row. 

Something for the smallest :)


The coats I said: I coundn´t get my eyes of!

Having a good time :)

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