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First of all, i want to wish a happy new year for every one of you, so all your dreams and wishes come true, find your second half if you don´t have him/her yet, and enjoy every moment of your life! :) I hope you had a nice year with a lot of memories to remember on later.

For the first post in this year, I prepared you a summarization of my outfit posts; even if there wasn´t a lot of them and my last outfit post was in the half of november (i know, shame on me! :D), but you know; new year, new resolutions, new life!

In my last post I wrote that it is too hot to wear a cap; i think i didn´t have to say it loud, cause these last few days its sooo cold (and we have also the first snow in this season), you just can´t exist outside. Ok, I know that i´m freezing every time, even if everybody thinks it´s hot...but now, it is really about -10° outside.
I´m preparing myself since a long time,  to go outside and shoot a new outfit post, but i wouldn´t be able to smile on these photos ( i can´t even enjoy my walk when i need to go somewhere; want to be there the fastest as i can). Now i understand why the experts say that being a model is not so easy as people think. I swear this year i wont´t neglect you and i will be posting things regularly and often. :)

Thank you all who visited my blog last year, hope you will astray here and enjoy my posts in 2015 too :)




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